Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!

Birt 31 mar 2021
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  • I also feel like I can somewhat relate to the lady in the middle, who is projecting her pain through tense, maybe even hostile/closed-off body language, tone of voice, etc. I can’t speak for her directly, but I will say that this type of behavior is often a big facade that people adapt to make themselves seem more tough and emotionally untouchable or less vulnerable (at the very least). It is often those people who have really endured a lot of trauma and pain. I would consider this an adaptive, trauma response/self defense mechanism to “protect” oneself from appearing vulnerable or weak. In my experience, it is usually those of us who are the most mushy, emotionally fragile 90% of the time. The one that is most likely going to “cave” in the end, feeling like our needs are less important. “People pleasers”. It tends to not take much convincing, and is best achieved by emotional influence/response to the stories of others’ hardships. The feeling of “wow, my problems really aren’t that bad after all - maybe they deserve it more” Also, the tiny bit of narcissism wants to “look like the hero” in the end while genuinely doing what feels like a good deed. Often in careers that serve others like volunteering/social work, or in her case, being what seems to be the matriarch of her family. I’m not an expert, but I found this very relatable and unlike many of you (according to comments) - I am not really that surprised by her decision in the end. I find these to be very interesting and informative studies. Our social behaviors and language has evolved so much over the years. Imagine, this same conversation just 30-40 years ago. It probably would have been way less sensitive in terms of racial climate in the US.

  • The first guy was so wholesome, and so polite after voting that lady out. I’m so upset at this...AND he even agreed that the lady that needed teeth needed the money the most

  • Lady it was your own choice to have a kid at 15. Your "me" time is bullshit.

  • The top 3 was obvious from the start.

  • That first sir seemed so sweet, he must be a much loved grandpa.

  • I guess new appliances are more important than chewing your food and not choking

  • The chick in the middle is rude and I have a feeling she’s probably abusive to her kids guarantee they’re probably not kicking it with her and her negative ass

  • You guys she has front bottom teeth not back bottom teeth so she cannot grind her food...

  • why did the one in middle wait till after they voted Jennifer off to forfeit when she could have done it before

  • That woman’s teeth we’re definitely messed up you could tell when she was talking.

  • They should make a version of $1000 to 1 where people are supposed to pitch a charity instead of something like "needing some alone time"

  • i'm just sad that the people on the coach didn't run for there life

  • Y’all could’ve simply not had children and you would’ve had so much time for yourself that is so unfair that the people that actually need shit get voted off first and so easily.

  • react to a video from the maicon kuster channel

  • Who tf is ken

  • my friends grandma is second to the left in the cooooooooool

  • You had kids, own it. It was a choice even if there was a risk of pregnancy happening. The charity men or the woman who needed dentures were the ones who deserve the money, while 'alone time' was almost used as a manipulative crutch to go on a vacation with a sob story. I get it we all need a good vacation/ alone time , but that wasn't the way to go about it. Not to mention the woman in the middle of the couch was so selfish and rude to begin with.

  • 16:43 28 apples

  • the guy who voted himself off i love him sm

  • Jenna marbles had me time with green paint and a green screen😂 She didn’t need 1k

  • Gilf alert

  • I'm still salty about the summer camp fundraiser. Sadly in 1k to 1 never mention charity to a group of people who need their tires fixed.

  • never seen pewds laugh so goddamn hard before.. @22:42

  • Unpopular opinion, but I have personally seen more racist blacks, that too openly, than racist whites, even subtly, I'm Asian btw

  • I would kinda like to see one of these with youtubers

  • 'Quotes by Ken'

  • 32:45 we were all thinking it Ken 😆

  • They should do this same thing. Give the 1k to the final person. Then give 5k to everyone else right in front of the person. And if they agree to split it, they get 1k between them and everyone else gets 5k.

  • When people do drug and alcohol anonymous meetings a recommendation is to listen to the similarities.

  • Today I learned that Pewdiepie's grandma is also the drill sergeants grandma

  • I don't see how you need $1000 to have alone time. That's one of the dumbest arguments I've ever heard.

  • Not gonna lie that self driving fridge would be really handy on a bad pain day or when I've got the flu

  • Come on man you can get alone time by locking them bathroom door dont need 1000$ for that

  • omfg, 30 feet deep, is absolute nothinnnggg....!!!! children are allowed go deeper than that..

  • Refrigerator in grocery store be like: Bro fill me up with some tomatoes

  • 28:52 I get a sneak peak!

  • Even seniors can act childish😞

  • Pick a number wasn't fair. If you are third u can just pick a number between the others and you are guaranteed to stay.

  • the lady in the middle reminds me of my mom

  • that cut video was a seriously despicable display of scumbaggery

  • How to gain subscrbers? Can you guys help me?

  • They should do one with crippled people

  • felix being obsessed with the fridge is adorable I don't know why

  • The faster they get voted off the better the person

  • Now they need to gather 7 charity organization representatives to discuss who gets the $1000.

  • I woulda given the lady who gave birth 5 times least daring, coming from a women who gave birth without pain killers...those ladies where nasty... I hope they helped her with her dentures...

  • Props to Sive that he did what Pewds said.. If that was Brad, he would've said "No"

  • Spongebob “all the patty’s go to your thighs” Lady on the left “and then what?” Spongebob “and then you explode...” Lady on left explodes

  • peoples behaviors disgust me. I feel bad for the people who were there for genuine reasons.

  • The most daring thing I’ve done was attempt suicide 😎 I would use the money for a PewDiePie chair, keyboard, and mouse tbh lmao

  • It's always the most toxic people that make it to the final. It's like if one of the nice people get voted out then the assholes attack them like hyenas.

  • The lady in the middle of the couch seems like instead of trying to sneak money to her grandchildren, she would take it from them.

  • I would love to see someone voted off get the money :")

  • I think the reason the last three people kept voting out the people with good reasons was because they were strategizing how they could end up with the money. They know they’re going to have a harder time beating out someone who needs new freaking TEETH than someone who wants “alone time.”

  • Sorry Pewds, but your privilege is showing. For someone who has travelled all over the world, lived in other countries, owns multiple homes, to tell someone else “you can get personal space at any time” is pretty tactless. I don’t think the woman in the middle deserves the money either, but you definitely undermined the struggles of not having a moment to yourself.

  • I just realized that I had the exact same glasses as ken, I mean the exact same

  • Bro this one pissed me off the worst 💀

  • This got harder and harder to watch as it went on

  • *Where would you go?* Arizona Really, why would anyone want to come to this hell hole?

  • these old people act like high school bullies, kinda sad ngl

  • wow

  • what speaks do his talks?

  • The lady in the middle showed respect for appliance lady at the end but no respect for the lady who needed teeth. She didn't redeem herself one bit at the end imo

  • when pewds and ken talked about it all being the same no matter what age group it reminded me that I use to think (or hoped) that people would grow out of all the petty high school bully bullshit and that adults didn't act that way but after I volunteered at a charity shop and heard how nasty some of the old people were about each other behind each other backs that delusion was shattered

  • How is it that the nicest ones get voted out first? People suck so hard. Those three bitches kicking out the tooth lady are so fucking rude.

  • Lots of people make it out like the old white dudes are the mean ones when clearly they're the nicest

  • @SaveOlesia there is go fund me or something in the adds poor girl has a brain tumor no child should have to suffer or old people they should be looked after in their older years ...💜

  • someone tell cut to stop making these videos

  • The woman chose to make so many kids and now she’s complaining about it

  • Holy crap, I was shook when sive actually zoomed and enhanced the ladies teeth. So it IS possible to zoom and enhance like in CSI

  • My mom gave birth to five children (ironically her name is Deanna too.) and hasn’t had an empty nest since she was 17 years old. She’s 63 now, and she gets PLENTY of alone time

  • Here’s the thing bout this self moving fridges and shi like that. Because once those types of technology come to daily life the world will turn out like the fat people in Wall-E

  • 24:35 “we’ll you guys, what’s that matter with you?!” Sounded like she was giving them shit for voting off the last white person 😂😂

  • 22:45 I bet that when Jennifer watched this video, she laughed her ass off as well - Ken is a master at this

  • As someone that works in customer service and deal with many seniors on a daily basis... they can be worse than any other age group of people that I get 🙄

  • I hope karma kicks in for such selfish rude behavior.

  • Jennifer got her dentures through a gofundme! she even thanked Felix for the attention he brought to the video!!

  • the middle lady should have gotten voted off in the beginning ! She was so bitter !

  • jennifer’s gofundme is still 900 short!! she’s thanked pewdiepie for the shoutout but still needs some help getting there. if u google jennifer gofundme it’ll come up!

  • The seemingly yougest "Senior" keeps acting like she has been through so much more than those who are 10+ years older. Alone time is stupid.

  • 1k per month? In Greece the salaire minimum is 650€..

  • Every time this shit ends up so fucking racist.

  • These make me lose faith in humanity 🥺😫 but they funny as f

  • The worst people in the world have the most kids

  • I honestly kinda dislike elders, they have really hard time having empathy... I guess ppl come at some point of their live they just think they lived the hardest live and learned the best lessons and so they just stop learning with others. I hope I don`t get to be like that never in my life, even if this means not living long cause honestly... it was painful to watch they vote out ppl with needs and ppl with good intentions just so they could go on vocations or buy a new fridge.

  • the 25 minute mark takes a turn for the grim. :(

  • old people are the worst people ever idk what did yall expect

  • If you havent lost your faith in humanity yet, this will be the video to do it. I cant even laugh at it these people are fucking heartless

  • Racist black woman lol

  • Gawd damn liberals

  • That first guy deserves the money and so much more. So kind

  • Ken...this was very unwholesome 😂😂

  • The "lady" in the middle was so disgustingly irritating in general and rude to Jennifer and i could see the other two "ladies" who were with her didn't really want the other two guys to stay. Just watch their expressions and the way they talk...

  • theres always that female scientist/ entrepreneur that claims she's going To save the world from some crap and needs a new fridge to save help with her work

  • Saying you need 1000 dollars to have an alone time doesnt mean you are so annoying you can't spend some time alone with yourself, you need to do it in the bahamas

  • 멈춰!!!!

  • Jennifer still needs her GoFundMe goal met! Go donate!

  • It pissed me off when those two were acting like having children was such a burden, like im pretty sure they chose to have those kids, when u choose to have kids, it is understood that u are giving up alot in order to have and raise them, and one of the biggest things that u have to give up IS alone time, they were j so selfish

  • The first lady out seems like the fun grandma type

  • I don't think the organizers should step in when the guy voted for himself when they dropped the ball on the cheating.