What the new UFO Pentagon Footage Tells us..

Birt 3 jún 2021
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  • Even though pewd droped out of school his still smart

  • UFO doesn't mean extraterrestrial. I don't wanna give away too many spoilers but not knowing the difference between the two terms is going to turn things sideways

    • Just wait 100-200 years when we get advanced enough the aliens will come out.

  • I wanna see you as part of the Task Group please

  • i dont know men youre awsome @.@

  • There was a Midol commercial before this...pewds is giving me PMS evidently.

  • Felix = Mick West

  • New Title for this vid: Most Subscribed ISmemr DESTROYS new UFO "evidence" with 100% Accuracy

  • Pewds: it moving real fast Me:(looks at the mach number) its 0.62 about 200m/s if that is on sea level and as you gain altitude the speed of sound also decreases so the plane (F/A-18E probably) is travelling much slower

  • PewDiePie the Science Guy

  • why was this video so cute omg, nerdy pewds is the best

  • You can't dismiss the first video that fast, because it has been corroborated by radar footage of multiple objects around the ship that disseapear simulatneously

  • Its interesting to hear a skeptic's point of view.

  • Lol idk why everyone fighting about aliens. The overall lesson is that there are probably not aliens on earth. It is true that the universe is huge and there probably is life somewhere but not close to Earth unless they would’ve come. And these ufo sighting videos by the government have the poopiest quality. I mean the government has trillions of dollars and that’s the camera quality? And bro the “objects” are so small in the recordings they could be making it up or editing it in there or could be a bird. I mean the chance of humans being created was very slim. Did anyone know that the chance of you happening , the you- you are today is 1 in 400 trillion no joke. If you were to be reborn again or went back in time and relived ur life again I can guarantee you wouldn’t be who you are today. You might be a totally different person.

  • We should wait for the Pentagon Ufo report this month

  • Pewds camera is worse then my iphone 6s camera. Plz dude, just fiks it!

  • It’s kinda the same principle

  • Pewdiepie: Perception Studies

  • another hate video

  • hey everyone and welcome to science with pewdiepie

  • das some big brain stuff

  • This is cringe

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  • Diffraction

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  • Pewdiepie:-what does UFO Footage tells us Me:-That the UFO Footage is lame

  • Welcome to pewds explaining basics of camera and relative velocity.

  • who is this smart guy?, he deserves a hundred million subs.

  • Why r pewds views r going down day by dat

  • 2:05 I agree with this statement

  • they are showing us more videos of ufo sightings to ready us for real Alien encounter

  • Love this video.Even though i am a believer, its a cool video debugging fake ones

  • Who paid you to say this Jesus Christ you big brain

  • China is using AI to track UFOs (UAPs) it's not just an US thing, also why are you reacting to it like the news shows from the 90s? ugh

  • 👁👄👁 I didn’t come here to learn but my iq went up by 199 listening To Swedish man talking about UFOS

  • The government isnt looking for aliens in those ufos theyre looking for potential threats from foreign governments

  • Every 9 year old has a better camera on their smartphone than the people filming the ufos.

  • Yes that makes sense the bee was behind a book

  • It looks like its a bug trying too fly

  • What if the aliens out there are as backwards as us and still aren’t able to space travel yet 😂

  • The first one look like flying turd

  • Anyone else think pewds explained this better than any scientist.

  • COVID isn’t big, alien ships are big

  • Stop ruining or fun with physics and stuff ! REEEEEEEEEE!

  • Plot twist, Felix Is a government agent trying to hide the existence of aliens

  • The way pewds explained this was actually very smart

  • this is an educational video from Sir Felix

  • Felix trim your nails:)

    • Guitare - new song maybe. Take good care

  • Who are you wheres the real felix

  • Felix covering his really relatives


  • felix be callin himself a dumbass then proceed to explain UFO's like vsauce

  • Little do we know pewds is the actual alien

  • Just to say the jet does note the speed of the object, it's better explained on WIRED. You also have to think that this jet that's moving so fast is having to keep adjusting the camera before the lock on happened. This ufo is either faster than the jet's current speed (which who knows how fast or slow), or the jet is moving faster than it's camera is able to adjust. I think it's interesting either way.

  • Great video. I think it’s good for people to know it can go either way, this is because although these debunks are quite relevant there are still complexities. Like the tick tac being close to its background not far like the example. Or the infrared having camera movement because the object moves, or the object reappearing. This could be explained or not. It’s more complex. But also not so much proof of aliens

  • The UFO's work for Amazon you idiots.

  • My uncle took a clear photo of a UFO. I wonder if he still has the phone and picture

  • big brain pewds

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  • Pewds, do more debunking videos! Love hearing someone look at these things rationally and explain the tricks used!

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  • I think the footage is just a prototype aircraft tested by the US Navy and US Air Force

  • everyone gansta untill pewdiepie exposes whole America

  • my mans brain expended

  • He explains things better then my science teacher

  • Omg pewds is sometimes smart

  • whatever I still believe in aliens🙄

  • Pew news needs a new News

  • Hello Friends

  • i dont know about the first 2 but for the last one where the pentagon group release the video and called it UAP, so its pretty certain it something unidentified by human. UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, hence they were admitting the existence of this particular footage to be real, it doesnt really push on the existence of Alien but at least we know there are UFO or UAP how ever wanna call it. Also, i like how pewd are explanning the viewpoint thing, but as u can hear in the footage, it is recorded using somesort of high tech camera on a jet, and it is designed to lock on object that is moving really fast, as they admit this footage to be real, it push on the fact that this thing actually move really fast and it takes the pilot quite a long time to lock on it. Im just here to share what i saw from a documentary video on this, not here to push on the existence of alien or what not, just feel like this is some emphasis needed.

  • It's actually a piece of dirt on the camera lens

  • Don’t take this the wrong way but I didn’t not expect such logic to come from this man. 🤯

  • The technical term for "UFO" are airplanes or bad photo editing software.

  • 무야호

  • Giant bee disappears under water Felix: Water Bee! He was like a father to me.

  • please react to how deep the sea really is

  • 10:34 it's the reflection of the sun

  • i understood this better than anything in school............

  • People forgets that ufo stands for unidentified flying object. It doesnt mean that its aliens. 🤣

  • Holiday or abducted…. That’s the REAL question.

  • Petition for felix to teach entire sience class purely with his hands as examples

  • Nothing is more cool than Pewds explaining physics.

  • 10:56 anyone else catch that?

  • 2:04 my first thought was its a big pizza idk why

  • He’s so smart

  • in short, while moving your perspective changes.

  • pewds just went big brain

  • Who is Felix

  • Big brain time

  • kind of want more of this

  • Is that footage from WW1? finally leaked

  • I know Pewds is quite smart, but I was expecting him to put on his frequent dumb facade, watching the clips and making silly comments. I was happily surprised and impressed he discussed the basic concepts causing the clips and debunked them, because I see so many people believing these clips are real, and I think it is because not enough people are covering it. Pewds definitely wasn’t at the top of my list for who I thought would explain it but I’ll take it!

  • Imagine getting stung by that bee 😳

  • Felix explains better than my physics teacher ngl

  • You mentioned that the first clip it looks like it was a heat source which heat is energy from a solid material, liquid, or gas. But we don't know what it exactly is reguardless of it being just heat source or if it was a solid object we still don't know exactly what it is which is unidentified and its flying object reguardless so yes it is a UFO. Also even if there is other life forms in this universe people that say they don't belive in aliens is wrong. Because any person or living thing not from earth would be a alien. Just like if you cross the boarder illegally you are an Illegal Alien lol.

  • Everybody gangster till the Atlanteans start testing there hydroguns for the Americans to see ;)

  • We need HD UFO videos! Don't worry government, we can handle it.

  • Felix had some bowls before these

  • When the U.S. Navy‘s camera footage is worse than my Samsung phone

  • Imagine the destroyer ship shot at the supposed ufo, we would've discovered more by shooting it lol.